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K. Rehal Industries- Your Partner In Printing Labels 

About Us

Digital is taking over everything! There is no denying in the fact that every field and every domain is experiencing digital working and one such benefiting field is that of printing. Yes, printing is amongst the most advantageous fields that is eliminating need of hard work, human involvement, etc., because of machines. In making label printing work less hectic, less time consuming and human involving is K. Rehal Industries.

For customers who are thinking how we make label printing easy. We answer them simply by our products which includes Label Printing Machine, Ribbon Label Printing Machine, Garment Label Printing Machines, and many more. Our set of machines are matchless in working with our competitor's range because our machines are infused with only latest technology and have been made with advanced materials.

Since the year we came into establishment that is 1975 as a manufacturer and exporter, we have ruling the industry. We have been bringing forth only advanced machines which print labels fast and in a variety of designs.

How Are We A Good And Worth Dealing Company?

Oftentimes customers questions about what makes you different from other suppliers or how do you see yourself a good supplier of Automatic Label Printing Machine, Ribbon Label Printing Machine, etc., and many more questions like these are raised by customers. Even though our experience is enough to answer all these questions, but still we would like to answer all through the points given below:

  • We value open communication and make our customers understand what we are providing them.
  • We take an action against all that we think is wrong like in the case of getting low quality raw materials.
  • According to customer' business needs, we advice them which machine will best suit them.
  • We make best possible decisions centering customers expectations and needs.

Our Strengths

It's been more than four decades since we are serving in this industry as a maker of Automatic Adhesive Label Printing Machine, Ribbon Label Printing Machine, and other machines. In these years, we have found out that we have various strengths in which the three major ones are quality of our machines, our team and our base. All the three are interlinked and  needless to say all the three are making the company succeed.